Salman Khan Schools Bigg Boss Contestants on Abhishek’s Controversial Exit

Mumbai, India – The latest episode of reality TV show Bigg Boss 17’s Weekend Ka Vaar saw host Salman Khan addressing the heated altercation between contestants Samarth Jurel, Isha Malviya, and Abhishek Kumar. Salman Khan criticized Samarth and Isha for incessantly provoking Abhishek and questioned the remaining contestants on their reactions if they were in Abhishek’s shoes. He emphasized, “Who would tolerate continuous poking?”

During the discussion, Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande stated that Abhishek should not be allowed to return to the house, while Munawar advocated for his comeback. Isha and Samarth shared their belief that Abhishek should not rejoin the competition. Challenging their personal biases, Salman Khan asserted, “Your votes don’t count. You guys don’t want to see him in the finale.” As four contestants voted for Abhishek’s return, Salman alluded to the audience’s fascination with the hero overcoming the villain, citing the moment when Abhishek slapped Samarth and viewers cheered him on.

Eventually, Salman decided to bring Abhishek back into the Bigg Boss house. Apologizing to Isha and Samarth, Abhishek assured them that he would keep a distance from them and requested the same in return. Salman then instructed everyone, except for the three individuals involved in the conflict, to re-enter the house.

Expressing concern, Salman addressed Isha and Samarth, acknowledging the rollercoaster nature of their relationship within the show and questioning how they would handle public perception once they left the Bigg Boss house. He emphasized the consequences they might face, cautioning them about the impact their words and actions could have on their lives beyond the show’s finale.

The episode shed light on the ongoing tension among the contestants and the influence of personal motives in their decision-making process. The conflict between Abhishek, Isha, and Samarth drew attention to the dynamics within the house, highlighting the challenges of maintaining balance amidst constant scrutiny.

In conclusion, Salman Khan’s criticism of Samarth and Isha’s actions towards Abhishek prompted a conversation on the consequences of such behavior within the Bigg Boss house. The episode showcased the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the lasting impact of words and actions beyond the confines of reality TV.