Samsung Unveils Galaxy AI-Powered Smartphones with Revolutionary Features

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung recently unveiled its latest line of smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series, including the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. These devices come equipped with Samsung’s innovative suite of AI-powered features known as Galaxy AI. Designed to enhance users’ creative, lifestyle, and productivity tasks, Galaxy AI offers a range of advanced functionalities.

One of the key features of Galaxy AI is real-time language translation during messaging and voice calls. Users can communicate seamlessly with others who speak a different language, thanks to the integrated Interpreter mode. This feature enables face-to-face language translation, making it easier for users to engage with people from different cultures. The system utilizes Google’s or Samsung’s own LLM models and is powered by either the Exynos 2400 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processors, depending on the specific device. While some features require internet connectivity, most can be utilized without an internet connection.

Another exciting addition to the Galaxy AI suite is the Circle to Search feature. It offers an enhanced version of Google Lens, allowing users to simply circle any element displayed on the screen to search for additional information about it. From books to products to landmarks, users can easily gain more knowledge and insights with a single gesture. With the Circle to Search with Google pop-up window, relevant information is instantly retrieved from the internet. Additionally, users can activate this feature by pressing and holding the home button or a designated area on the screen.

Galaxy AI offers extensive image and video editing capabilities as well. The suite includes an angle correction feature that automatically adjusts the alignment of any object, scene, or subject in an image. AI-powered content is then generated to fill in the blank parts of the image, seamlessly blending with the original composition. Users can also remove unwanted objects or subjects from an image and manipulate the position, angle, or size of selected elements.

For video enthusiasts, Galaxy AI enables the transformation of regular videos into stunning slow-motion clips. By simply holding the screen for the desired duration, AI technology generates additional frames to create a slow-motion effect. Users can enjoy the creative possibilities of capturing and editing captivating videos, all powered by AI technology.

Other aspects of the Galaxy AI suite include the integration of AI features into Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes. With AI-powered language and grammar correction, users can enhance their writing and communication. The keyboard can suggest multiple styles for texts and provide real-time language translation. Additionally, it offers the convenience of summarizing text messages and suggesting replies. In Samsung Notes, handwritten notes can be transformed into text and then summarized using various templates. Users can access features such as Auto Format, Language Correction, Summarize, and Translate using Galaxy AI.

Furthermore, Galaxy AI extends its capabilities to Samsung Internet. With webpage summarization, users can quickly digest the main points of articles or webpages, presented in a condensed format. AI-powered language translation enhances the overall browsing experience.

Voice Recorder is another tool that benefits from Galaxy AI. The AI-based voice-to-text transcription allows for easy conversion of recorded audio into text. It can also translate the transcribed text into different languages. The voice recorder can even detect up to ten different voices or sentences and tag them accordingly. Users can take advantage of these features to summarize recordings into coherent blocks of text.

Finally, the Wallpaper Generator feature in One UI 6.1 empowers users to create personalized wallpapers. Users can choose from various templates and customize elements such as backdrop, color, and subject. The AI technology of Galaxy AI then generates unique wallpapers tailored to users’ preferences. Additionally, weather effects can be added to lock screen wallpapers.

Although Samsung has not specified which features will be compatible with existing smartphones and tablets through the One UI 6.1 update, there is anticipation that some of these exciting Galaxy AI functionalities will be made available to current high-end Galaxy devices, expanding the reach of this innovative technology to an even wider user base.

Samsung’s recent unveiling of its Galaxy S24 series with the integrated Galaxy AI suite demonstrates the continuing commitment to providing users with cutting-edge features and functionalities. With advancements in AI technology, users can elevate their digital experiences, enhancing productivity, creativity, and communication.