Scream Star Neve Campbell Contemplates Return Amid Franchise Chaos

BEVERLY HILLS, California – Neve Campbell, known for her role as Sidney Prescott in the “Scream” franchise, has expressed openness to returning to the series despite recent setbacks. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the BAFTA Tea Party, Campbell said she would consider reprising her leading role in the upcoming film. The next installment has faced challenges after actress Melissa Barrera was fired and co-star Jenna Ortega exited the project. Additionally, director Christopher Landon left the film, calling the experience a “nightmare.”

Campbell acknowledged the current state of uncertainty surrounding the franchise and expressed her willingness to entertain a return. However, she highlighted the importance of receiving a fair offer, citing the pay dispute that led to her highly-publicized exit in 2022. Campbell emphasized the need to stand up for women in the industry and ensure equal treatment.

Kevin Williamson, creator of the “Scream” series, voiced his support for Campbell’s return, stating his willingness to provide a satisfactory agreement for both parties. Campbell’s departure from the franchise garnered significant attention on social media, with fans expressing their support and calling for fair treatment.

In addition to discussing the “Scream” franchise, Campbell attended the BAFTA Tea Party with her longtime friend Michael A. Goorjian. They were celebrating the news that Goorjian’s film, “Amerikatsi,” had been shortlisted for an Oscar as an international feature from Armenia.

Goorjian praised Campbell for her support and noted their enduring friendship since their days working together on the television series “Party of Five.” Campbell expressed her admiration for Goorjian’s creativity and their collaborative efforts in providing feedback for his film.

Campbell’s potential return to the “Scream” franchise remains uncertain, but fans and industry insiders hope to see her reprise her iconic role. The franchise has faced various challenges, but the strong fan base and the desire for the series to continue offer hope for the future.