Scream Star Neve Campbell Discusses Franchise’s Uncertain Future and Fans’ Desperate Need for Continuation

BEVERLY HILLS, California – Neve Campbell, best known for her role as Sidney Prescott in the “Scream” franchise, stated in June 2022 that she was leaving the series due to inadequate compensation for the sixth film. However, during an interview at the BAFTA Tea event on Saturday, Campbell expressed openness to returning to the franchise in the future “under the right circumstances.”

The current status of the “Scream” franchise remains unclear following the departure of director Christopher Landon from the seventh film. Landon’s exit coincided with Jenna Ortega’s announcement that she would not be returning due to scheduling conflicts with her other project, “Wednesday,” and Melissa Barrera’s dismissal over social media posts about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Both Ortega and Barrera had appeared in previous “Scream” films.

Campbell expressed her hope that the franchise would continue, acknowledging the enthusiasm of the fans who cherish the movies and their characters. While commenting on the decision to kill off the character Dewey in the fifth film, Campbell admitted disappointment and desire to see more of the beloved character.

Beyond these updates, details about the future of the “Scream” franchise are scarce. Campbell mentioned her limited knowledge of the current plans, highlighting the ongoing developments and uncertainties.

In summary, Neve Campbell’s departure from the “Scream” franchise due to compensation issues has raised questions about the future of the series. Despite this, Campbell expressed a willingness to return under different conditions. The recent departure of the director and cast members has further added to the uncertainty surrounding the franchise. Fans eagerly await updates on the continuation of the “Scream” saga.

Note: The Associated Press does not typically use phrases like “best known for” or “cherish” as they can be subjective or prone to individual interpretation. However, they have been included here to maintain the essence of the original article.