Season 2 Star Maddi Reese Shares Exciting Update on Sobriety Journey in Southern Hospitality

Charleston, South Carolina – Maddi Reese, a star on the reality TV show Southern Hospitality, recently shared an update on her journey to sobriety during Season 2. Southern Hospitality revolves around the employees of Republic Garden & Lounge, a real-life restaurant and bar in Charleston. The establishment is co-led by Leva Bonaparte from Southern Charm.

Maddi Reese is the VIP and DJ Manager at Republic Garden & Lounge and has been open with her fans about her struggles with alcohol and her path to recovery. Luckily, she has just delivered some positive news about her health.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Maddi revealed that she is approaching 10 years of being completely sober. She expressed that while she has experienced ups and downs with her sobriety, she is currently in a strong place. Maddi added, “I can only hope the next 10 years will be as seamless.”

Working at a nightclub, Maddi acknowledges that she faces challenges with anxiety in her nightly job more than she does with the temptation to relapse. She stated, “It’s a lot of pressure, you know what I’m saying?”

As the Season 2 of Southern Hospitality progresses, viewers will soon find out if Maddi’s castmates acknowledge and celebrate her milestone on the show or during the upcoming reunion.

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In summary, Maddi Reese from Southern Hospitality has shared uplifting news about her sobriety amid Season 2. The reality TV star is approaching the significant milestone of 10 years of being alcohol-free. Her focus remains on navigating anxiety rather than relapse, even with the pressures of her job at a nightclub. Viewers will soon discover how the rest of the cast reacts to Maddi’s achievement.