Seinfeld Star Peter Crombie Passes Away at 71 After Battle with Unknown Illness

Los Angeles, CA – Beloved Seinfeld star Peter Crombie passed away on Wednesday at the age of 71 after battling an undisclosed illness. According to his ex-wife Nadine Kijner, Crombie’s death came swiftly. Details regarding the nature of the illness and other circumstances surrounding his passing have not been disclosed.

Crombie was best known for his portrayal of the character Crazy Joe Davola on the hit sitcom Seinfeld. During his time on the show from 1992 to 1993, Crombie appeared in a total of five episodes, including notable ones like “The Opera,” “The Watch,” “The Pitch,” and “The Pilot.” As Davola, he was an antagonist to the show’s main character, Jerry Seinfeld, and even briefly dated Jerry’s close friend Elaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Beyond Seinfeld, Crombie had a diverse acting career. He had roles in several films, including My Dog Skip, The Blob, Natural Born Killers, and Se7en. He also made TV appearances in shows like NYPD Blue, House Of Frankenstein, and L.A. Law.

Offering insights into Crombie’s character, his ex-wife described him as a kind, caring, and generous man loved by everyone. Bill Stetz, a close friend of the late actor, praised Crombie as a gentle and loyal friend with a talent for acting and writing.

Born in 1952, Crombie began his acting career in 1987 with a credited role in the TV movie Broken Vows, alongside Tommy Lee Jones and Annette O’Toole. His last credited role was in 2000 when he portrayed Detective Moody in the hit series Walker, Texas Ranger. Crombie also delved into writing, with the 2006 short film Threshold being among his credits.

Seinfeld, which aired from 1989 to 1998, consisted of nine seasons and 180 episodes. Alongside Crombie, the show starred actors like Jason Alexander, who portrayed George, and Michael Richards, who played Jerry’s eccentric neighbor Cosmo Kramer.

Peter Crombie’s death leaves a void in the entertainment industry, as fans and colleagues fondly remember his contributions to the beloved sitcom and his talent as an actor. The specific cause of his passing remains undisclosed.