Severide’s Tension-Filled Return Sets Chicago Fire Season 12 in Motion

Chicago Fire fans will be thrilled to know that Taylor Kinney is returning to the show for its twelfth season. However, Severide’s homecoming won’t be without its challenges. In the Season 11 finale, Severide’s wife, Stella, went to bring him back home after he took a leave of absence to deal with personal matters. But when Severide returned, he failed to mention that he had been recruited to help with an ATF investigation during his absence.

When Season 12 picks up, six months have passed, and Severide is now dealing with an arson case for OFI. This case will trigger tension between Severide and Stella, as the repercussions of his actions last season continue to affect their relationship. Showrunner Andrea Newman revealed that there will be a “whole new dynamic” between the couple. While their love is still evident, their marriage will have a different feeling to it.

The tension doesn’t just affect Severide and Stella. Cruz, who stepped up as the leader of the rescue squad during Severide’s absence, will also face complications with Severide’s return. There will be new changes and tensions that they will have to work through to continue working together.

As for Taylor Kinney’s presence on the show, Newman confirmed that Severide will be front and center throughout Season 12. Chicago Fire fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Severide and the challenges that lie ahead for him and the rest of Firehouse 51.

In summary, Chicago Fire’s twelfth season will see the return of Taylor Kinney as Severide. His return will bring tension and challenges for his relationship with Stella and his dynamic with Cruz. Fans can expect a different vibe in Severide and Stella’s marriage, but the passion and intensity will still be there. Severide’s presence will be a central focus throughout the season, promising an exciting and dramatic storyline for viewers to enjoy.