Shanahan’s Interest in Wilks for Head-Coaching Jobs Gains Momentum

Kansas City, MO – There is significant interest in former Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks for various head-coaching positions across the league. Wilks, who was recently fired by the Cardinals, has caught the attention of several teams as they seek to fill their coaching vacancies.

The Los Angeles Chargers are among those teams showing keen interest in Wilks. They have completed an interview with Kellen Moore, the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. However, it seems that Wilks has emerged as a top candidate for the Chargers. The team has requested an interview with him for their head coach position.

The San Francisco 49ers are also in the mix, as they have expressed interest in interviewing Wilks. The 49ers are in need of a new head coach after parting ways with their previous coach. The Chargers’ request for an interview with Wilks has further highlighted his desirability in the eyes of NFL teams.

In addition to the 49ers, the Chargers have also requested an interview with Giff Smith, the defensive line coach of the Denver Broncos. This demonstrates the team’s willingness to explore all possible options and find the best fit for their head coach position.

While no decision has been made yet, the interest in Wilks from multiple teams indicates his strong standing within the coaching community. It reflects not only his past experience and success in coaching, but also his potential for future growth and development in leading a team.

In conclusion, former Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks has garnered significant interest from multiple NFL teams for head-coaching positions. The Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers have both requested interviews with him, demonstrating his desirability as a coaching candidate. The Chargers have also shown interest in Giff Smith, further highlighting their commitment to finding the right fit. Wilks’ strong standing within the coaching community is evident through the attention he is receiving.