Shelley Native to Make Reality TV Debut on Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed’

SHELLEY, Idaho – An upcoming reality TV show on Netflix will feature Lindsey Anderson, a woman originally from Shelley. Anderson, a fan of reality television herself, was approached four years ago by a talent scout with an opportunity to apply for a reality show. Although the initial show did not materialize, Anderson received an unexpected email from Netflix in February 2023. Accompanied by the invitation to participate in the show, which would begin in two weeks, the message from Netflix prompted Anderson to seek advice from her family. Encouraged by her husband, she decided to take the opportunity.

Before leaving for the show, Anderson had to select a wardrobe and submit it to Netflix for approval. She also informed her business contacts that she would be absent for the entirety of the show. Departing from Portland, where she currently resides, Anderson made her way to compete in ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed.’

Anderson’s roots in Shelley and her time at Shelley High School influenced her decision-making during the show. After graduating from high school, she moved to Idaho Falls to manage her own small business, a web design and development agency called Web Impakt. She designed websites for prominent community organizations such as the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce and the city’s official website. Anderson pursued her education at Rick’s College, now known as Brigham Young University – Idaho, and later earned her Bachelor’s Degree in information systems from Idaho State University. The subject matter, which combined aspects of computers and marketing, captivated her ever since she created her first web page.

Apart from her entrepreneurial pursuits, Anderson has always been an avid viewer of reality television. Every summer for the past 15 years, she and her husband faithfully watched ‘Big Brother.’ Additionally, she follows shows like Married at First Sight and various reality series on Netflix. Critiquing the actions of players on ‘Big Brother’ became a regular occurrence for Anderson, leading her to contemplate how she would handle those situations.

In February 2023, Anderson’s desire to test her strategical thinking was realized when she participated in ‘The Trust.’ Unlike ‘Big Brother,’ this show features 11 individuals from diverse backgrounds who must decide whether to work together towards a shared cash prize of $250,000 or vote each other off to increase individual earnings. The dynamic of the show forced Anderson to adapt her strategy.

‘The Trust: A Game of Greed’ is set to premiere on Netflix on January 10. Anderson encourages viewers to tune in, believing the show offers valuable insight into human behavior and the diverse perspectives of individuals across the United States. With her background in web design and her entrepreneurial spirit, Anderson demonstrated her ability to thrive in a variety of fields, including the world of reality television.