Sherri Saum Opens Up About the End of the ‘Fosters’ Franchise and Her Directorial Debut on ‘Good Trouble’

Sherri Saum, known for her role as Lena in “The Fosters” franchise, recently discussed her directorial debut on “Good Trouble” and shared her thoughts on the end of the franchise. Saum directed an episode of the show and will also make an appearance on screen alongside Teri Polo’s character Stef. The actress expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and praised the support she received from the cast and crew. Saum also highlighted the importance of women supporting women on the show.

Saum’s TV daughter, Cierra Ramirez, also directed an episode, and the two actresses exchanged tips and advice. Saum mentioned that working with Ramirez was a joy due to her ability to understand tiny changes in emotion. Saum also discussed her inspiration for a fantasy sequence in the show, which had a similar vibe to the film “The Bear.” She wanted to capture the high-pressure environment of a kitchen and create a sense of urgency within the scene.

Reflecting on the end of the franchise, Saum expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a groundbreaking series. She acknowledged the impact the show has had on viewers and the meaningful connections it has fostered. Saum believes the legacy of “The Fosters” and “Good Trouble” will continue to resonate with audiences beyond the show’s conclusion.

Saum confirmed that fans can expect to see Stef and Lena return in the final season of “Good Trouble,” but emphasized that the focus is now on the younger characters taking the driver’s seat in their own lives. Saum described the series finale as bittersweet yet triumphant.

In conclusion, Sherri Saum shared her experience directing an episode of “Good Trouble” and expressed gratitude for her time on the franchise. She believes the impact of “The Fosters” and “Good Trouble” will continue to be felt and appreciated. The final season of “Good Trouble” promises to deliver a satisfying and meaningful conclusion.