Shower Eating: Jessica Biel Reveals Time-Saving Multitasking Hack on TikTok

Los Angeles, CA – Actress Jessica Biel has shared her unusual multitasking hack on TikTok, claiming that eating in the shower is “deeply satisfying” and saves her time. Biel outlined her rules for shower eating, which involves using a ledge to hold a coffee or yogurt container. She explained that she takes a bite or sip and then continues with her shower routine, making sure to keep the soap away from her food. However, she did note the challenge of keeping her mouth closed while chewing to avoid swallowing water. Biel jokingly attributed this impulse to her sons spitting in her face during bath time. Shower eating, according to Biel, can be a “relief in so many ways” for multitaskers. Fans applauded Biel’s clever method, with one commenting that it provided a much-needed moment of privacy, especially for busy mothers. Biel previously shared her love for shower eating on social media, including posts about her favorite shower snacks like cereal, yogurt, popsicles, coffee, and tea. This latest TikTok video has sparked renewed interest in Biel’s unique habit.