Sierra Teller Ornelas and Jana Schmieding Developing New CBS Comedy Series ‘Bonnie’ as Part of Universal Television Deal

Los Angeles, CA – Sierra Teller Ornelas and Jana Schmieding are teaming up to develop a new comedy series called Bonnie for CBS. Ornelas, known for her work on Rutherford Falls and Loot, and Schmieding, known for her roles in Rutherford Falls and Reservation Dogs, will write and executive produce the half-hour, multi-cam sitcom. The project falls under Ornelas’ overall deal at Universal Television.

Bonnie is a family comedy that follows a former backup singer who left the touring life fifteen years ago to live on a reservation and help raise her brother’s children. She embraces her role as the “Cool Auntie” while pursuing her dreams.

In addition to Ornelas and Schmieding, Morgan Sackett, Jonathan Berry, and Katie Newman will also serve as executive producers on Bonnie.

Ornelas gained recognition as the showrunner of the Peacock comedy Rutherford Falls, which she co-created with Mike Schur and Ed Helms. It was on this show that she met Schmieding, who not only acted but also wrote for the series. Ornelas has also worked as a co-executive producer on Loot and Superstore, and has writing credits on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Splitting Up Together, and Happy Endings.

Schmieding made a breakout appearance as Reagan in Rutherford Falls, where she also served as a writer. She has also starred in Reservation Dogs and has been featured in Max’s Clone High, Fox’s The Great North, and Netflix’s Spirit Rangers. She can currently be seen in Echo on Disney+.

Sackett, an Emmy Award-winning producer and Emmy-nominated director, has an impressive resume that includes work on Veep, The Good Place, Parks & Recreation, and Hacks. He is also involved in the upcoming Netflix series based on The Mole Agent.

This collaboration between Ornelas and Schmieding brings together their talents and experiences in the comedy genre. With their track record of successful projects, Bonnie has the potential to be a hilarious and heartwarming addition to the CBS lineup.

In summary, Sierra Teller Ornelas and Jana Schmieding are teaming up to create the new comedy series Bonnie for CBS. The show follows a former backup singer navigating life on a reservation while being a beloved aunt figure. With Ornelas and Schmieding at the helm, Bonnie has the makings of a comedic hit.

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