SNL Delivers Hilarious Parody of Katt Williams’ Controversial Interview

LOS ANGELES, California – Katt Williams’ recent interview on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe continues to generate conversation. Even “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t resist poking fun at the comedian’s remarks, producing an eight-hour “extended cut” sketch with Ego Nwodim impersonating Williams.

In the sketch, Nwodim, playing Williams, humorously claimed that she is both 5’3 and 6’3, highlighting Williams’ ongoing feud with Kevin Hart by joking that “everyone knows Kevin Hart was made in the same factory where they make Teddy Grahams.”

Nwodim’s impersonation also took aim at former President Obama, questioning the number of vowels in his name and suggesting that she wrote Obama’s famous slogan “Yes We Can.” She humorously claims, “Before me, he was saying, ‘Probably. Probably. I think we might.'”

The sketch showcased Nwodim’s version of Williams responding to skepticism from Sharpe’s character, pushing back with amusing statements such as, “How are you gonna challenge me, Shannon? I’m the one who invented fruit…before me, trees weren’t bringing anything to the table.”

Promising even more hilarity, the sketch’s promo for the full interview teased Nwodim’s Williams claiming to have said every word at once, in a single word.

The real “Club Shay Shay” podcast interview has caused quite a stir, with Williams criticizing not only Hart but also Cedric the Entertainer. Williams also discussed a potential bathroom rape scene in the Ice Cube film “Friday After Next.” Ice Cube himself responded to the interview.

The “Saturday Night Live” sketch provided a light-hearted take on Williams’ controversial remarks, as the comedian’s interview continues to make waves. Viewers can anticipate the release of the full “SNL” clip capturing the essence of the extended cut sketch.

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