SNL’s Hilarious ‘Home Movies’ Sketch Revisits Longest-Running Daytime Talk Show

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, the show paid homage to the longest-running daytime talk show with a single host in American history, Maury. The sketch titled “Home Movies” reminded viewers of the catchphrase “You are not the father” that has become a benediction for wayward men.

The sketch depicted a family discovering an old tape titled “Big Announcement,” which turned out to be the day Ray (played by Mikey Day) found out he was going to be a father. However, what became apparent was that this discovery was made not in an intimate family moment, but on the tawdry “Corey” show, a parody of Maury.

Guest host Dakota Johnson played the role of mom Amber, a former wild child. The sketch captured the hilarity that ensued as Ray denied paternity, the low-brow audience cheered on the depravity, and another potential father, Spooky (played by Marcello Hernandez), entered the scene. It was revealed that Spooky had also been sleeping with Amber’s mother.

The sketch culminated in a moment of truth, followed by a flash forward to the present day. Despite the comedic approach, the sketch highlighted the enduring popularity and cultural significance of shows like Maury, where the search for paternity remains a central theme.

Viewers were entertained by the parody sketch, which reminded them of the long history and impact of Maury as the longest-running daytime talk show with a single host in American television. As the sketch unfolded, it underscored the enduring appeal of these types of shows, mixing humor with the exploration of real-life issues.

The “Home Movies” sketch on Saturday Night Live provided a light-hearted take on the timeless theme of paternity testing, demonstrating that shows like Maury continue to capture the attention and fascination of audiences through clever and comedic storytelling.