Sofia Vergara Hilariously Calls Out “Modern Family” Co-Star Ed O’Neill’s Bad Habit

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sofia Vergara, known for her role in the popular sitcom “Modern Family,” didn’t hold back when candidly discussing her past co-stars. In a recent interview on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” the actress playfully called out her on-screen husband, Ed O’Neill. When asked about an active “Modern Family” group chat, Vergara joked that O’Neill struggled to participate in conversations, often responding weeks later. Despite this, she referred to him as the “love of my life.”

“Modern Family,” which aired for 11 seasons and won numerous awards, showcased the close bond between its cast members both on and off-screen. The show delved into the relationships between three sets of parents and their children. Vergara, who portrayed Gloria on the show, also expressed her fondness for her co-star Julie Bowen, calling her “my sister.”

When asked about another co-star, Sarah Hyland, who played Bowen’s on-screen daughter, and Eric Stonestreet, who was the brother-in-law of Bowen’s character, Vergara complimented them, calling Hyland a beauty and Stonestreet a good friend. Reflecting on her favorite episode of “Modern Family,” she recalled a Halloween episode in Season 2 where O’Neill dressed as a gargoyle and she portrayed a witch.

Meanwhile, O’Neill himself recently opened up about an on-set feud during his time on the hit family show “Married… with Children.” Speaking on Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s podcast, O’Neill revealed regret over the tension with co-star Amanda Bearse. He explained that when the cast was featured on the cover of TV Guide, Bearse and David Garrison were excluded due to the magazine’s restrictions.

Despite the disagreement, O’Neill acknowledged that they were fortunate to have been on the cover and expressed regret over not handling the situation more diplomatically. He reflected on his actions and admitted he would have approached it differently in hindsight.

Sofia Vergara’s candid remarks about her past co-stars and the behind-the-scenes dynamics of “Modern Family” provide fans with an interesting glimpse into the beloved sitcom. The strong bond and occasional conflicts among the cast members are a testament to the show’s success and longevity.