Sophie Turner Goes Instagram-Official with British Aristocrat Amid Joe Jonas Divorce

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Actress Sophie Turner has taken to Instagram to share photos from a recent ski trip with friends, including British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson. Turner, known for her role in “Game of Thrones,” is currently going through a divorce with pop singer Joe Jonas. The two were captured kissing in the street back in October, sparking rumors of a romance between Turner and Pearson.

In the Instagram photos, Turner can be seen with Pearson, as well as friends Amadea Kimmins and Rupert Gorst, enjoying their time on the slopes. Other pictures show Turner dancing with friends and walking near a ski chalet.

Turner and Jonas recently resolved a case in which Turner sued Jonas for allegedly refusing to return their two daughters to England amid their divorce. The former couple shares two daughters, with their names remaining private.

In addition to her ski trip, Turner has been busy volunteering with an organization that helps unhoused U.K. residents. She has also been photographed in New York City with Taylor Swift, who dated Jonas in the past.

Sophie Turner’s Instagram post provides a glimpse into her post-divorce life as she embraces new adventures and continues to prioritize philanthropy. Although the romance between Turner and Pearson remains unconfirmed, their close bond on the ski trip suggests a connection between the two.

As the media buzzes with speculation, fans will surely be watching closely for any further updates on Turner’s love life.