St. Louis Shines on the Drew Barrymore Show: Food, Fun, and the Tallest Arch in the US

St. Louis, Missouri – The Drew Barrymore Show recently featured a segment called “Wish You Were Here,” where they invited StudioSTL host Chelsea Haynes to showcase the best of St. Louis. As part of their ongoing series highlighting amazing cities across the United States, the show aimed to shine a spotlight on the food and fun that St. Louis has to offer.

Haynes began by talking about the iconic Gateway Arch, a 630-foot-tall monument that holds the title for the tallest arch in the world. She shared an interesting fact about its construction: the arch’s two legs were built separately, and if they were even slightly misaligned, they wouldn’t have been able to join together at the top. Haynes also highlighted the incredible achievement that no one died during the construction of the arch, making it a true work of art.

Next, she introduced Forest Park, which is even bigger than New York City’s Central Park and attracts 13 million visitors annually. Haynes mentioned the various attractions within the park, such as the St. Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum, and the Muni, which is America’s largest and oldest outdoor theater. Notably, all of these attractions are free to the public. She also mentioned the St. Louis Zoo, which is considered a jewel within Forest Park and is home to the giant world flight cage, a remnant of the 1904 World’s Fair.

During the interview, paper birds fell from the rafters behind the hosts, adding an unexpected and magical touch to the conversation. Barrymore playfully asked Haynes if she had planned the surprise or if she was just “winging it,” to which Haynes responded with a witty remark about having taken flight to get there.

Haynes then introduced Drew Barrymore and the audience to a classic St. Louis dessert – gooey butter cake. She shared the legend behind its creation, explaining that a German baker in the 1930s accidentally flipped the proportions of flour and butter while making the cake, resulting in a gooey and delicious treat. Haynes recommended trying the gooey butter cake from a local entrepreneur named Erica Miller, who owns the Chocolate Rooster. Miller, sitting in the audience, explained how she turned the cake into cupcakes and offered samples to everyone.

Lastly, the segment featured Union Station, a former 19th-century train station that has been transformed into a hub of activity. Today, it houses attractions like the St. Louis Wheel, the St. Louis Aquarium, ropes courses, mirror mazes, and more. Haynes treated the audience to a taste of the Grand Hall lights show, which garnered enthusiastic reactions.

The audience was also given mini butter cakes, while Barrymore expressed her excitement for ordering a “ton” of them. Haynes was invited back for future appearances, leaving viewers intrigued about what she would bring to the show next.