Stanley Cup Craze Takes Center Stage on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as Dakota Johnson and Cast Hilariously Embrace the Big Dumb Cup

Los Angeles, California – The obsession with the Stanley Cup has reached new heights, as evidenced by a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Host Dakota Johnson, joined by Heidi Gardner and Chloe Fineman, appeared in a sketch donning giant Western hats and holding Stanley cups on what appeared to be a ranch. The skit humorously outlined the supposed requirements for owning a Stanley cup, such as driving a big car, being aged between 12 and 70, shopping at Target daily, and being either physically or spiritually blond.

Throughout the four-minute sketch, the trio jokingly referred to the beverage carrier, making sly allusions to recent headlines, and repeating the phrase “Big dumb cup.” They poked fun at the cup’s claim of not leaking, its extensive branding initiatives, and its massive size. Fineman even referenced a viral video from November 2023, where a car fire left the vehicle destroyed but the Stanley cup unscathed and still filled with ice.

The sketch also referenced the controversy surrounding claims that the Stanley cup contains lead. Earlier, Stanley responded to these allegations, acknowledging that lead is used in the manufacturing process, but stating that the cup must be damaged for the lead to become exposed. The cup features a stainless steel barrier that covers a lead pellet for vacuum insulation, and the barrier only comes off in rare cases. Fineman humorously added, “If your car explodes, you won’t survive. But your big dumb cup will.”

Stanley, a company with a 110-year history, experienced a resurgence of attention in 2019 and 2020 due to social media users and influencers promoting its 40-ounce insulated tumblers. Entrepreneur Terence Reilly, previously known for turning Crocs into a fashion phenomenon, spearheaded a new marketing strategy for Stanley in 2020. Since then, the hashtag #Stanley has garnered nearly 3 billion views on TikTok alone, accompanied by emotional videos from cup enthusiasts.

The brand’s popularity has soared further through collaborations with Starbucks and Target. These partnerships have attracted an even larger following. Some exclusive releases, such as the holiday red cup in November 2023 and the winter pink cup in January 2024, have resulted in reports of arguments and even physical altercations among desperate customers. Starbucks employees have complained of being “harassed” and “cussed out” by customers eager to get their hands on these limited edition cups.

In conclusion, the Stanley cup takes center stage on “Saturday Night Live,” with Dakota Johnson, Heidi Gardner, and Chloe Fineman humorously portraying owners of the coveted cups. The sketch cleverly references recent headlines, addresses the lead controversy, and highlights the massive popularity of Stanley cups through their collaborations with Starbucks and Target. As the obsession with these cups continues to grow, it seems that owning a Stanley cup has become a symbol of social status and fanaticism.