Stark Admission: Brenda Blethyn Considers Quitting ITV’s Vera After Kenny Doughty Exit

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Fans of the hit crime drama “Vera” were recently taken aback by the departure of actor Kenny Doughty, who played DS Aiden Healy on the show. In response to Doughty’s exit, lead actress Brenda Blethyn has made a significant statement about her own future on the popular ITV series.

The news of Doughty’s departure has sparked curiosity among viewers, prompting Blethyn to address speculation about her potential exit from the show. While she has not confirmed her departure, Blethyn acknowledged that the absence of her co-star has made her contemplate her own future on “Vera.” However, she did not provide any concrete details about her decision.

Moreover, the cast of “Vera” has recently seen several changes. After a 9-year absence, actor David Leon is set to return to the show as Blethyn’s sidekick. This exciting development has left fans eagerly anticipating the on-screen reunion. Additionally, a new soap villain has joined the cast, adding a fresh dynamic to the series.

The departure of Doughty and the return of Leon have inevitably led to speculation about the direction of “Vera.” As fans anxiously await the season’s next episodes, they are left wondering how the changes in the cast will impact the future of the show. Despite concerns, Blethyn has expressed her confidence in the series and her commitment to continuing her role as the beloved detective, Vera Stanhope.

In summary, the departure of actor Kenny Doughty from the cast of “Vera” has raised questions about the future of the hit crime drama. Lead actress Brenda Blethyn has made clear her contemplation about leaving the show, but no final decision has been reached. Meanwhile, fans can look forward to the return of actor David Leon and the arrival of a new soap villain, ensuring an engaging and suspenseful viewing experience.