Starship Entertainment Takes Strong Legal Action Against Malicious YouTubers, Updates on Lawsuit Proceedings

SEOUL, South Korea – Starship Entertainment has provided an update on the legal proceedings against a YouTuber known as “Sojang” for spreading false information about their artists, including IVE. The agency has been actively pursuing both criminal and civil suits, as well as an overseas lawsuit, against Sojang since November 2022. According to an official statement released on January 17, Starship Entertainment revealed their determination to hold Sojang accountable for the defamation and harm caused to their artists and fans.

The agency accuses Sojang of continuously circulating false information, which not only hindered their business operations but also subjected artists and fans to serious distress. To ensure that Sojang faces the appropriate legal consequences, Starship Entertainment is pursuing civil and criminal liability through ongoing lawsuit proceedings.

The criminal charges against Sojang have been forwarded to the prosecution, and the agency awaits a decisive judgment. As for the civil lawsuits, Starship Entertainment has filed two separate cases against Sojang. While one is scheduled to be presented in January, the agency has already won a lawsuit initiated by their artist, Jang Won Young, after the defendant failed to respond, resulting in a deemed confession.

Starship Entertainment emphasizes their commitment to protecting the rights of their artists, including their reputation, privacy, and overall human rights. The agency asserts that they will take all possible legal actions against defamation and other damages inflicted upon their artists, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to safeguarding their artists’ well-being.

The agency also expresses gratitude to the fans for their invaluable support in reporting and assisting with the legal proceedings. Starship Entertainment recognizes the crucial role that fan involvement plays in their response to these cases, and urges fans to continue reporting any instances of defamation or additional harm caused to their artists.

As the legal proceedings progress, Starship Entertainment plans to release further information and updates through official statements. The agency aims to ensure that justice is served and that the reputation and well-being of their artists are safeguarded.

Starship Entertainment’s proactive stance against individuals disseminating false information sends a clear message that they will not tolerate any attempts to defame or harm their artists. With their ongoing legal actions, the agency sets a precedent for protecting the rights of artists in the entertainment industry, asserting that actions have consequences.