Starship Entertainment’s Stern Legal Action Against Sojang Continues Amid Harassment Lawsuits

SEOUL, South Korea – Starship Entertainment, a prominent K-pop management company, remains steadfast in its resolve to take legal action against the YouTube channel known as Sojang. The channel has been accused of persistently harassing Starship’s artists through the spread of malicious rumors. Starship’s attorneys have stated that both the individual suit filed by Jang Won Young and the one filed by the entertainment company itself will undergo a complete legal process until a verdict is reached.

Starship Entertainment disclosed that it has been actively pursuing legal action against Ms. Park, the operator of the “Sojang” channel, since November 2022. This multifaceted legal pursuit involves both civil and criminal lawsuits, with proceedings taking place in both domestic and overseas jurisdictions. The criminal complaint has now advanced from the police to the prosecutor’s office, awaiting a comprehensive legal evaluation.

Despite these legal developments, Sojang has maintained her innocence throughout the trial. In a written response, she claimed to be unaware of the falsity of the information she disseminated and argued that her videos were not intended for public interest. Sojang is contesting the proposed compensation of 100 million KRW (approximately $75,000 USD), deeming it unreasonably high.

In response to Sojang’s assertion, Starship Entertainment has vowed to continue aggressively pursuing legal action. Attorney Jung, representing the company, emphasized their commitment to see both lawsuits through to a final resolution. The damages lawsuit is scheduled for a subsequent hearing on April 3.

Sojang’s cyber wrecking YouTube channel has targeted numerous K-pop artists, including Jang Won Young, BTS, ATEEZ, and NewJeans, spreading malicious rumors about them. Jang Won Young, in particular, has been a victim of false dating stories and claims of disagreements. In order to protect her, Starship Entertainment undertook legal measures against Sojang in 2023, obtaining crucial information from Google to support their case. The company is actively pursuing a domestic civil lawsuit as well as an international legal case against Sojang.