Stassi Schroeder Declares Why She Turned Down Bravo’s Offer for ‘The Valley’ Spinoff on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Reality TV star Stassi Schroeder has announced that she will not be appearing in the upcoming spinoff of “Vanderpump Rules” titled “The Valley.” Schroeder, 35, revealed that she turned down Bravo’s offer to be a part of the show during an interview on SiriusXM radio. She expressed that every fiber of her being told her to decline the opportunity.

The decision was not related to any grievances with Bravo, as Schroeder clarified that it was not their fault. She simply did not feel a connection with the group of friends that would be part of the cast. Schroeder explained that she is friendly with some of them and acquainted with others, but ultimately she did not consider them to be her crew.

When asked why she felt so strongly about not participating in the spinoff, Schroeder cited a variety of reasons. Firstly, she believed that it would not accurately reflect her reality. Additionally, she did not want to disrupt her current life, as she stated that she is content with how things are at the moment.

Schroeder, who was one of the original cast members of “Vanderpump Rules,” is now a mother of two and has been enjoying her time away from the show. However, her departure from the main series came with controversy. She and Kristen Doute were fired in 2020 for falsely reporting a castmate, Faith Stowers, to law enforcement for a crime she did not commit.

“The Valley” was recently announced by Bravo and will follow a group of close friends as they navigate their lives in the San Fernando Valley. The show is set to debut this spring and will feature other “Vanderpump Rules” cast members such as Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Meanwhile, the eleventh season of “Vanderpump Rules” is set to premiere on January 30th.