Struggles with Father Time: Chicago Fire’s Mouch and Herrmann Face Career-Ending Dilemmas in Season 12

Los Angeles, California – The twelfth season of the hit show “Chicago Fire” is bringing new challenges for its beloved characters. Showrunner Andrea Newman believes that after multiple seasons, it’s important to introduce change to keep the storyline fresh. In the second episode of the season, viewers witnessed the struggles faced by firefighters Christopher Herrmann and Randy “Mouch” McHolland, both grappling with the effects of time on their careers.

The fate of Mouch had been left uncertain after season 11, but it was revealed in the season 12 premiere that he survived a near-deadly ordeal. However, Mouch is still dealing with the aftermath of his injury and is determined to prove that he can still compete. On the other hand, Herrmann, who risked his life to save Firehouse 51 from a bomb, has suffered severe hearing loss as a result. Despite his hearing issues, Herrmann is in denial and reluctant to face the potential consequences for his career.

Andrea Newman, the showrunner for the new season, discussed the story arcs of Mouch and Herrmann in a recent interview. She also provided insights into the character developments and new arrivals viewers can expect in season 12. Newman emphasized the collaborative effort that goes into producing a show of this scale and expressed excitement about showcasing strong female characters and exploring new character dynamics.

The theme of battling Father Time will be a central focus throughout the season. Firefighters and first responders, like the characters on “Chicago Fire,” face the physical challenges of aging while maintaining their demanding jobs. The struggle between embracing limitations and the desire to continue fighting fires will be explored, both among the old guard and the new recruits joining Firehouse 51.

The return of Lieutenant Kelly Severide, portrayed by Taylor Kinney, is also a significant development this season. Severide must regain the trust he lost due to his involvement in arson cases and navigate the tensions in his personal life. Likewise, Kara Killmer’s character, Sylvie Brett, will be preparing for her wedding to Matt Casey and planning a move to Oregon with her adopted baby. However, their journey will not go as smoothly as expected, with unexpected challenges along the way.

Newman also revealed that fresh faces will be introduced in season 12, including firefighter Gibson, who joins Firehouse 51. The arrival of new characters always brings uncertainty, and viewers will have the opportunity to discover who Gibson really is and how he fits into the dynamic of the crew. Additionally, the character Violet, who suffered a devastating loss in the previous season, will have her own journey of healing and growth.

Maintaining the freshness of the show can be attributed to its unique combination of action, character dynamics, soap opera elements, and comedy. The blend of these elements keeps viewers engaged and reflects the real lives of first responders who find humor amidst the challenges they face. Newman has been with “Chicago Fire” since its inception and recognizes the rarity of such longevity in the television industry.

As for what keeps viewers coming back for more in the midst of the streaming era, Newman believes it’s all about surprise and connection. The show strives to continually surprise its audience, whether through cast changes or unexpected plot twists, while also creating characters that viewers have grown to love. The sense of family and connection between the characters extends to the audience, making them feel like part of the Firehouse 51 family.

New episodes of “Chicago Fire” air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.