Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: Breaking the Live Service Game Mold

London, UK – Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind the highly anticipated game “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” is facing questions about whether the game falls into the live service category. Despite features such as a battle pass and gear scores that suggest it may be a live service game, Rocksteady has avoided using the term to describe its creation.

In an interview with PLAY Magazine, Rocksteady studio product director Darius Sadeghian refrained from labeling “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” as a live service game. Instead, Sadeghian emphasized that the focus was on creating a seamless blend of gameplay elements and a sense of flow. He stated, “For us, it wasn’t so much about making a game in any particular genre. Rather, the focus is on creating a sense of flow and trinity between all our gameplay systems. That’s reflected in the way the traversal, melee, and shooter elements all blend together when you’re playing.”

The game allows players to assume the roles of four supervillains – Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark – as they take on members of the Justice League in the open-world city of Metropolis. While some fans were hoping for a return to Rocksteady’s roots with a Batman Arkham-style game, Sadeghian assured that “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” still carries the DNA of the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series.

Rocksteady aims to foster a community through its game, with each player feeling like part of the Suicide Squad universe. The release of the game on February 2 has been highly anticipated following several delays.

The gaming industry’s live service model has faced challenges recently, with canceled projects and struggles for previously successful live service games like Destiny 2. Meanwhile, single-player games such as Hogwarts Legacy, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Baldur’s Gate 3 enjoyed great success in 2023.

As fans await the launch of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” Rocksteady emphasizes its commitment to creating a unique and engaging experience that resonates with players.

[Restate key facts] Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, developed by Rocksteady Studios, has showcased elements of a live service game but refrains from using the term. The game, set to release on February 2, allows players to embody supervillains as they confront members of the Justice League in the city of Metropolis. Rocksteady aims to build a community around the game, highlighting its connections to the Batman Arkham series. The success of this release will be closely watched amidst both recent struggles in the live service gaming industry and the rise of single-player successes.