Supergirl Casting Controversy: Actress ‘Refused to Read’ for Superman Role in Legacy

SYDNEY, Australia – The highly anticipated casting for the role of Supergirl in the upcoming film “Superman: Legacy” has intrigued fans worldwide. As the search narrows down, two actresses have emerged as the possible contenders for the iconic superheroine.

Australian actress Milly Alcock and American actress Meg Donnelly have recently undergone screen tests in Atlanta, igniting speculation among fans and industry insiders. Their performances have reportedly impressed the film’s producers, bringing them closer to securing the coveted role.

The selection process for Supergirl has garnered attention not only because it involves a beloved comic book character, but also due to the reluctance of one actress to read for the part. Details surrounding this candidate’s refusal to audition have not been disclosed, adding an air of mystery to the already heated casting competition.

Fans are divided in their support for the two candidates. Some have voiced their preference for Alcock, citing her previous roles and natural ability to embody strong female characters. On the other hand, Donnelly’s established presence in the American entertainment industry has garnered a substantial following eager to see her don the iconic cape.

This casting decision could have significant implications for the DC universe and the portrayal of Supergirl in future films. The chosen actress will be joining filmmaker James Gunn’s DC Extended Universe, which has been expanding with unique storytelling and character-driven narratives.

With the unveiling of the final decision drawing closer, fans await the verdict that will determine who will inhabit the role of the powerful and inspiring Supergirl on the big screen. The chosen actress will have the opportunity to cement her place in superhero lore and delight audiences with her portrayal of the iconic character.