Swapped Souls and Unintentional Kisses: New Stills Released for Upcoming Drama ‘Branding in Seongsu’

Seongsu, a neighborhood known as the center of branding, is set to be the backdrop for an upcoming romance drama called “Branding in Seongsu.” The drama, which is scheduled to premiere on February 5, has just released new stills that give audiences a glimpse into the story. The plot revolves around Kang Na Eon, the leader of a marketing team, and intern So Eun Ho, whose lives take a dramatic turn after an accidental kiss swaps their souls.

As the drama unfolds, viewers will witness So Eun Ho’s struggle to uphold his beliefs and fight for what he thinks is right. One still captures him participating passionately in a protest, showcasing his determination and sincerity. Another photo showcases his free-spirited personality with his casual attire, a reflection of his adventurous past as a traveler and surfer. On the other hand, another still portrays So Eun Ho in a sharp suit, exuding charm and representing the agency’s cute intern.

Lomon, who takes on the role of So Eun Ho, will bring depth and charisma to the character. So Eun Ho is the oldest intern at Seongsu Agency, having lived a YOLO lifestyle before joining the workforce. His clash with his workaholic team leader, Kang Na Eon, adds an interesting dynamic to the story. Their unexpected kiss leads to their souls being swapped, setting the stage for a unique and captivating narrative.

“Branding in Seongsu” is an eagerly anticipated drama that promises to offer a fresh take on romance and the world of branding. The release of these stills has generated even more excitement among fans, who are eager to witness the chemistry between the lead characters. With its intriguing premise and talented cast, the drama is poised to captivate audiences and keep them hooked throughout its run.

Stay tuned for more updates as the premiere date approaches. In the meantime, fans can catch Lomon in the drama “Revenge Note.” Witness his acting prowess and get a taste of what to expect in “Branding in Seongsu.”

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