Texans’ Quarterbacks Coach Jerrod Johnson Commits to Team, Rejects Offensive Coordinator Offers

Houston, Texas – The Houston Texans have managed to retain both their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the upcoming season. The news comes after various reports confirmed that Jerrod Johnson, the team’s quarterbacks coach, has opted to stay in Houston. Interested teams looking to hire Johnson as an offensive coordinator have been informed of his decision. It appears that the Texans have successfully convinced him to return by offering him a contract extension and a pay raise, similar to what offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik received.

Despite attracting interest from several teams, including the New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Johnson ultimately chose to remain with the Texans. This marks Johnson’s second year with the team, having joined alongside head coach DeMeco Ryans. Throughout his first year, Johnson made significant contributions, being credited with the development of C.J. Stroud, who is considered a strong contender for the offensive rookie of the year title.

Stroud’s impressive performance under Johnson’s guidance includes throwing for 4,108 yards, with 23 touchdowns and just five interceptions. He also led the league in average yards per game with 273.9 and had a remarkable interception rate of only 1.0 percent. Johnson’s extensive experience, which spans the San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, and Minnesota Vikings, has undoubtedly played a crucial role in his ability to mentor Stroud and maximize his potential.

The decision to retain both Johnson and Slowik signals that the Texans prioritize continuity and stability within their coaching staff. By keeping key contributors on board, they hope to build upon the progress achieved during the previous season and further enhance their offensive strategies. It also suggests that the organization recognizes the value of a cohesive coaching unit in fostering the development of their young talent.

As the Texans prepare for the upcoming season, securing their coaching staff proves to be a significant step towards building a strong foundation. With Johnson’s expertise and proven track record, the team can continue to rely on his guidance in nurturing their quarterbacks and maximizing their offensive output. The retention of both Johnson and Slowik positions the Texans favorably and holds promising prospects for the future of their offense.