Thaman Establishes a New Music Hub at Prasad Labs, Redefining Background Score Creation in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India – Renowned music director SS Thaman has set up a new workspace in Hyderabad for his film projects, shifting away from his previous routine of working in Chennai. The talented composer, well-known for delivering exceptional background scores for the likes of Balayya and Pawan Kalyan, has chosen the popular Prasad Lab as his new creative hub.

During the final stages of composing the recent film Bhagwanth Kesari, Thaman spent 10 days at Prasad Labs, where he seamlessly scored the entire film and also attended to the final Dolby mixing. This shift in Thaman’s work base has proved to be a fruitful endeavor, prompting him to replicate the same setup for his upcoming project, Guntur Kaaram.

Guntur Kaaram, featuring Mahesh Babu and Sreeleela in the lead roles, has successfully completed the Censor formalities and is now awaiting the re-recording work. With just four days remaining before the final copy needs to be dispatched, Thaman has been dedicating his days and nights to perfecting the output at Prasad Labs. Notably, the presence of esteemed personalities like director Trivikram and producer Sithara Vamsi has further added to the allure of this creative space.

Fans eagerly anticipate whether Thaman will deliver yet another thunderous background score that will captivate audiences for Guntur Kaaram. Despite being under pressure, the composer has consistently impressed with his remarkable compositions for high-profile films. The release of Guntur Kaaram is slated for January 12th, and movie enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the mesmerizing musical experience the film promises.

In conclusion, acclaimed music director SS Thaman has chosen Hyderabad’s Prasad Lab as his new workspace, a departure from his traditional setting in Chennai. With Guntur Kaaram’s re-recording work still pending, Thaman’s relentless dedication and creative prowess are hard at work to ensure a memorable musical experience for the audience upon the film’s release on January 12th.