The Boys Season 4 Premiere Faces Troubles: Release Date Disappointingly Delayed

Los Angeles, CA – Fans of the hit show “The Boys” on Amazon Prime Video may have to wait longer than expected for the Season 4 premiere. Despite production wrapping up in April 2023, the recent Hollywood strikes have had a significant impact on the show’s development. Some additional voiceover work, known as ADR, still needs to be completed but has been delayed due to the ongoing actors’ strikes.

In December, Amazon released a trailer for Season 4 following the end of the actors’ strike and the season finale of the Prime Video spin-off series, “Gen V.” However, the trailer did not include an official premiere date, only promising a release in 2024.

Amazon typically spaces out the releases of its major shows to avoid conflicts that could harm viewership and engagement. With “Invincible” returning for the second half of its second season on March 14, followed by the premiere of “Fallout” on April 12, it seems unlikely that “The Boys” Season 4 will premiere in the coming months.

The previous release patterns, which were based on the time between trailers and premieres, had led some to speculate that “The Boys” Season 4 could potentially premiere in March. However, the packed schedule following the announcement of “Invincible’s” return seems to rule out a March premiere. Additionally, the arrival of the highly anticipated “Fallout” series just a week later makes an April premiere unlikely.

Based on the schedule of “Fallout,” which is set to run for eight episodes starting on April 12, it is possible that “The Boys” Season 4 could premiere in late May. However, it is more likely that Amazon will give “Fallout” space to breathe and focus on marketing “The Boys” Season 4. In this case, new episodes may not premiere until June.

In the meantime, Amazon is continuing to expand the twisted superhero universe with projects such as “The Boys” Season 5, “Gen V” Season 2, and a new spin-off set in Mexico. While it is unclear which project will come next, many fans are eagerly anticipating more stories featuring characters from Godolkin University in “Gen V” Season 2.

Although an official premiere date for “The Boys” Season 4 has yet to be announced, fans can catch up on the first three seasons, which are currently streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. So, while the wait may be longer than anticipated, viewers can rest assured that the next installment of “The Boys” will be worth it.