The Deceived: A Gripping 2020 Series Starring Emmett J Scanlan and Paul Mescal

London, England – Looking for a gripping series to binge-watch? Consider “The Deceived,” a 2020 thriller that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. With the current bad weather providing the perfect opportunity to indulge in some television, this little-known show might be the perfect choice for your next streaming session.

“The Deceived” stars Emmett J Scanlan, known for his role as Shane in “Fool Me Once,” and Paul Mescal from “Normal People,” alongside Emily Reid and Catherine Walker. The four-episode mini-series revolves around Ophelia, a student who initiates an affair with her married lecturer, Michael. However, their relationship takes a sinister turn when a tragic and shocking death occurs, leaving Ophelia questioning everything and everyone around her.

Scanlan, speaking about his character, describes Michael as an excellent university professor who is fully aware of his capabilities. The show originally aired on Channel 5 and is now available for streaming on My5 or Netflix. According to the Netflix synopsis, the storyline follows a student’s illicit affair with her married professor, which takes a dark and twisted turn following a shocking death, leaving her to question their love and her sanity.

Viewers who have already watched “The Deceived” have given it rave reviews, praising its numerous plot twists and entertainment value. Fans have described the show as fun, thrilling, and capable of keeping them engaged from start to finish. If you’re in the mood for a show that will constantly surprise you, “The Deceived” might be the right choice.

The series is available for streaming on My5, Netflix, or Starz, giving audiences multiple platforms to enjoy this captivating thriller. So, why not dive into the world of “The Deceived” and see for yourself why viewers are raving about this hidden gem?