“The End We Start From”: A Poetic Disaster Film of Motherhood and Climate Crisis

London, UK – “The End We Start From,” an atmospheric climate-crisis drama set in a storm-stricken London, delivers a slow-burning post-apocalyptic narrative. Directed by Mahalia Belo and based on Megan Hunter’s 2017 book, the film eschews extravagant special effects and opts for a more subdued approach. The story follows a new mother, played by Jodie Comer, who becomes separated from her husband during a cataclysmic storm that plunges England into chaos.

Rather than focusing on action and destruction, the film delves into the relationships and emotions of its characters. Comer’s performance captures a genuine sense of panic amid the surreal circumstances. As Comer’s character navigates the aftermath of the storm, the film explores themes of survival and the resilience of the human spirit.

The lack of overt violence and spectacle in “The End We Start From” adds to its atmospheric tension. The film’s deliberate pacing and emphasis on interiority might not appeal to all viewers, but it creates a sense of authenticity and psychological depth. Comer’s portrayal of a determined mother is particularly noteworthy, showcasing her ability to convey complex emotions.

The narrative takes audiences on a journey from a struggling hospital to a rural refuge and eventually to an island commune. Along the way, Comer’s character forms unexpected connections with other survivors, including Katherine Waterston’s character, who displays an upbeat attitude despite the dire circumstances. Benedict Cumberbatch also makes a cameo as a mysterious loner.

Belo’s direction infuses the film with a quiet and intimate atmosphere, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the characters’ inner turmoil. “The End We Start From” provides a refreshing take on the post-apocalyptic genre, opting for introspection over spectacle.

While the film slows down in its final act, it remains a compelling exploration of resilience and determination. The relentless focus on Comer’s character, known only as Mother, adds depth and authenticity to the story. With its unforced storytelling and realistic portrayal of a world in crisis, “The End We Start From” is a thought-provoking and introspective film.

“The End We Start From” is currently playing in theaters and carries a runtime of 102 minutes. Viewer discretion is advised due to strong language, sexual situations, and nudity.