The Libs Are Coming for Mary Lou Retton: Donations, Scrutiny, and American Icons

Author Joe Kinsey received positive feedback on his previous article about Mary Lou Retton. While he did not personally donate to Retton’s fundraising efforts, he is considering sending her a get-well card and a small monetary gift, reminiscing about his grandmother’s similar gestures when he was sick. Kinsey takes issue with those questioning Retton’s actions and believes that individuals have the right to donate to whomever they choose without facing scrutiny.

Several readers chimed in with their opinions. Chris B. from Houston stated that it is nobody’s business whether Retton has insurance or how she spends her money, emphasizing that she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Tom from Atlanta expressed his sadness over Retton’s situation and questioned why anyone would criticize her for accepting donations from fans. He also shared a nostalgic story about a McDonald’s promotion during the 1984 Summer Olympics that allowed him and his friends to eat for free.

Joe St. A. from California explained that when one makes a donation, they should not expect to receive it back. He criticized those criticizing Retton, calling them “Uber Libs” and referencing Henry Ford’s quote about finding what one looks for. Jim T. from San Diego expressed his frustration with those who confuse voyeurism with journalism.

Kinsey then mentioned the recent layoffs at the L.A. Times, where over 100 workers lost their jobs. He compared it to the Sports Illustrated layoffs and emphasized the need to always be prepared in the ever-changing media industry.

Kinsey then shifted the article’s focus to more lighthearted topics. He shared photos and stories sent in by readers, including a beer delivery guy in Spain and an olive bar in Cadiz. He praised the travel duo Mike T. and Cindy T., stating that they were the best after the late Anthony Bourdain.

Kinsey asked readers to explain why people in old photos, especially those from the 1950s, rarely smiled. He wondered if readers could help millennials and Gen Z understand what life was like before fake smiles for social media.

He also addressed topics such as the insufferable fanbases in sports, sharing his thoughts as an Ohio State fan on Michigan fans. He also mentioned the confusion of a lifelong Detroit Lions fan after their recent success.

Kinsey wrapped up the article by encouraging readers to have a great day and pursue their goals. He addressed technical issues on the website and expressed appreciation for readers’ support. He concluded with contact information for those who wanted to reach out to him.