The Pat McAfee Show’s Multi-Platform Viewership Soars, Defying Linear TV Comparisons

In Indianapolis, Indiana, ESPN is boosting the viewership of “The Pat McAfee Show” by highlighting its multi-platform performance. The show saw a 35% increase in average viewers per episode across ESPN, YouTube, and TikTok in December 2023, according to ESPN’s release. The release also noted a 20% increase in linear TV viewership from September to December for McAfee’s show. On ESPN, the show attracted 332,000 viewers, while another 403,000 viewers watched on YouTube.

ESPN’s decision to emphasize the show’s multi-platform success comes in response to a recent negative comparison between “The Pat McAfee Show” and “SportsCenter” linear viewership. The comparison article by the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand sparked controversy, with McAfee accusing ESPN executive Norby Williamson of “sabotage” by leaking information to Marchand. Marchand had also previously reported on the record-breaking performance of “First Take,” the show that precedes McAfee’s program.

The release also spotlighted the social media success of “The Pat McAfee Show,” with clips and segments totaling 298 million views in December 2023. This widespread online presence contributed to the show’s reach of an average of 1.7 million viewers per episode. The significant digital engagement indicates that focusing solely on linear TV viewership would overlook the show’s broader impact across various platforms.

Overall, “The Pat McAfee Show” continues to enjoy steady growth in viewership, with an average of 886,000 viewers per episode in December. The show’s success across ESPN, YouTube, and TikTok demonstrates its ability to attract and engage a passionate audience. ESPN’s decision to publicize the show’s multi-platform viewership further highlights its recognition of the evolving media landscape and the importance of digital engagement.