The Roxxin’ Thor: Marvel Comics Unveils a Thrilling New Twist on the God of Thunder

New York, New York – Marvel Comics has unveiled a teaser for Thor that presents an unexpected twist on the iconic character. Dubbed “The Roxxin’ Thor,” this new rendition of the superhero appears to serve as a corporate mascot rather than the traditional god-like figure fans are accustomed to. While the nature of this release remains uncertain, it could potentially introduce a new series, miniseries, or simply a promotional stunt featuring a different version of Thor.

Scheduled for a debut in May 2024, the promotional image by Nick Bradshaw showcases Dario Agger’s influence over Thor. Agger, who has appeared in recent issues of Thor comics, appears to be meddling with the established portrayal of the god of Thunder. Notably, Greg Land and Ibraim Roberson will be taking over the artwork for this endeavor.

Roxxon, the corporation featuring prominently in the teaser, bears a striking resemblance to real-life energy giant Exxon Mobile. For readers interested in learning more about this fictional company, additional information can be found here via Wikipedia.

Interestingly, this announcement coincides with the imminent release of The Immortal Thor #6, hitting comic book shops the following day.

Marvel Comics, now under the ownership of Roxxon, has taken this opportunity to provide an exclusive glimpse into the upcoming adventures of The Roxxin’ Thor. Set in May 2024, this addition to the Marvel universe promises to push the boundaries of what readers expect from the beloved character.

True Believers eagerly await the unveiling of further details later this week, heightening the anticipation surrounding this unconventional iteration of Thor’s narrative.