“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” Stars Reflect on Farewell and Thank Viewers

SEOUL, South Korea – The stars of the hit MBC drama, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,” took a moment to reflect on their experiences ahead of the series finale. The time-slip romance drama, based on a web novel of the same name, follows the story of Kang Tae Ha (played by Bae In Hyuk) and Park Yeon Woo (played by Lee Se Young) as they navigate a contractual marriage that spans centuries.

Lee Se Young, who portrays the character of Park Yeon Woo, expressed her gratitude for the past year spent filming the drama. She described her experience as “healthy and overflowing with energy,” filled with love and newfound courage. She extended her thanks to the director, writer, and viewers for making it all possible.

Bae In Hyuk, who plays the role of Kang Tae Ha, also expressed his appreciation for the viewers’ support. He acknowledged the immense love that the drama received throughout its run and expressed his joy at being able to witness the final episode. Bae In Hyuk also noted that the drama provided him with an opportunity to experience a great working atmosphere and form meaningful connections with his co-stars.

Joo Hyun Young, who portrays Sa Wol, expressed her sadness at the approaching end of the drama. She expressed her desire for the story to be extended so that viewers could witness the characters’ happy futures. Joo Hyun Young emphasized the significance of the relationships formed during the filming process and thanked the viewers for their love and support.

Yoo Seon Ho, who plays the character of Kang Tae Min, expressed his happiness at portraying the role and thanked the cast, crew, and viewers for their continuous support throughout the drama.

“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” will conclude with its final episode on January 6th. The drama has captivated audiences with its time-slip romance and memorable characters. Viewers have been eagerly tuning in to witness the culmination of the story and the fates of the beloved characters.

In the meantime, fans can catch up on all the previous episodes of the drama with subtitles on Viki. The captivating tale of love and time travel has left a lasting impression on the audience, and the final episode is sure to be a memorable conclusion to the series.

[Restate key facts: “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” is a time-slip romance drama based on a web novel. The drama stars Bae In Hyuk and Lee Se Young and follows their characters’ contractual marriage that spans centuries. The final episode will air on January 6th.]