The Taylor Swift Effect Strikes Again: Discover Her New Favorite Cocktail, the French Blonde

Leawood, Kansas – Taylor Swift’s influence extends beyond music and fashion. The pop star’s endorsement has the power to sell out designer items and even impact major industries like the NFL. Recently, Swift revealed her new favorite cocktail during a night out with fellow Chiefs WAGs at Rye restaurant in Leawood. According to reports, her drink of choice is the French Blonde, a delightful mix of gin, Lillet, St-Germain liqueur, and grapefruit juice.

While the cocktail has been around for some time, it seems to have gained popularity with Swift’s endorsement. As an influential tastemaker, her preference for the French Blonde is likely to spark interest among her fans and cocktail enthusiasts alike. The drink’s ingredients, including the French aperitif Lillet and St-Germain liqueur, lend a touch of sophistication to its flavor profile.

Mixologists speculate that the French Blonde is a modern creation, as St-Germain liqueur was only introduced in 2007. The simplicity of its preparation makes it an accessible choice for those looking to try something new. A quick shake with ice and a pour, and the cocktail is ready to enjoy. Its attractive pink hue and complex flavor, with hints of citrus and floral notes, make it a refreshing and versatile choice.

While some may find the French Blonde slightly sweet, using fresh juice instead of bottled options may offer a more balanced tartness. As a potential substitute for traditional Super Bowl beverages, such as beer, the French Blonde provides a fancier and more sophisticated option. The drink may be a perfect complement to wings or a fun departure from the usual game-day libations.

As Swift’s influence continues to shape trends in music, fashion, and now cocktails, her endorsement of the French Blonde adds a touch of glamour to the mixology scene. Whether sipping it at a trendy restaurant or recreating it at home, fans can now enjoy a taste of Taylor Swift’s favorite cocktail.

Recipe: French Blonde Cocktail.