The View Panel Derailed by Magical Peter Pan Noise During Heated Discussion About ‘Hoes’

NEW YORK – “The View” experienced yet another interruption during a heated discussion on Wednesday. While the panel was engaged in a conversation about a woman dealing with infidelity within her family, a magical chiming sound caught everyone’s attention. Whoopi Goldberg, one of the panelists, cheerfully interrupted the conversation to investigate the source of the noise. According to a source familiar with the situation, the sound was an audience member’s phone notification sound resembling a ring doorbell.

This incident marks the second mysterious interruption on “The View” in just five days. Last week, a loud noise disrupted the show’s opening segment, which was discussing a federal court ruling on abortion laws. The interruption added a moment of humor as Alyssa Farah Griffin joked, “Speaking of pro-life, we just lost someone.”

During the discussion about infidelity, Goldberg and Sunny Hostin engaged in a playful exchange about “ho sisters.” Ana Navarro added her own perspective, poking fun at both the sister and the husband involved. The panelists’ humorous responses lightened the mood and entertained the audience.

“The View” is a popular daytime talk show that airs on ABC at 11 a.m. Eastern time. The show often features discussions on current events, politics, and personal stories. Despite the occasional interruptions, the show continues to attract a loyal fan base.