The Wizard of Oz Re-Released in Theaters to Celebrate 85th Anniversary

Los Angeles, California – This weekend marks the 85th anniversary of the beloved film “The Wizard of Oz,” which is returning to theaters for a special celebration. The 1939 fantasy movie, based on L. Frank Baum’s book, features Judy Garland in the iconic role of Dorothy. While considered one of the best family films ever made, it does contain some scary moments.

“The Wizard of Oz” tells the story of Dorothy’s journey in the magical land of Oz, facing perilous encounters with the green-skinned Wicked Witch of the West and her eerie flying monkeys. Along with a disastrous tornado and an enchanted forest filled with red-eyed creatures and talking trees, these scenes could frighten younger or more sensitive children. Although, by today’s standards, the film may be considered tame.

In another genre, the nature documentary series “A Real Bug’s Life” offers a fun and educational look into the lives of insects. Narrated by Awkwafina, the episodes feature bug hunting and eating scenes, with a notable amount of suspenseful moments and insect peril. Some brief bug innuendo, such as references to “breeding,” is mentioned but not shown on-screen.

For young viewers, “American Girl: Corinne Tan” portrays an upbeat story inspired by the popular American Girl dolls. The film centers on the importance of familial love and individual purpose. There are potentially scary moments when Corinne’s little sister gets lost in the snow at night, prompting a search party. Characters also discuss dogs searching for people and items in avalanches, highlighting themes of responsibility and resilience.

The TV comedy series “Ted” serves as a prequel to the popular movie of the same name. While toned down compared to its counterpart, the show still features irreverent humor and includes swearing, drinking, and references to marijuana. In addition, there are instances of strong innuendo, discussions about sex acts, and offensive language. Despite these elements, the series explores themes of family, friendship, and loyalty.

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In conclusion, whether it’s celebrating the 85th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz,” exploring the lives of bugs in “A Real Bug’s Life,” or following the journey of Corinne in “American Girl: Corinne Tan,” there are a variety of entertainment options. However, parents should consider the potential scary moments or mature content that some of these films and series may present for younger or more sensitive viewers. Ultimately, it’s important to make smart media choices that align with each family’s values and preferences.