Thomas Ravenel’s Fascinating Dating History Unveiled on ‘Southern Charm’ – From Co-Stars to Controversial Relationships

Charleston, South Carolina – Former “Southern Charm” star Thomas Ravenel has a complicated dating history that played out on screen. The reality TV alum, who was on the Bravo show from Season 1 in 2014 until Season 5, had a series of romantic relationships while on the show. However, his time on the series came to an end in 2018 when he was fired amid legal troubles following allegations of sexual assault.

One of Ravenel’s early love interests on the show was his co-star Danni Baird. They went on one date during Season 1, but Baird made it clear that she wanted to be just friends, even stopping Ravenel from kissing her at the end of their date.

Ravenel’s most notable relationship on the show was with Kathryn Dennis. They met during Season 1 when Dennis was a college student and Ravenel was running for the United States Senate. Their relationship was tumultuous, with fights, make-ups, and a pregnancy scare. They welcomed their first child together, daughter Kensington “Kensie,” in 2014. However, their relationship eventually ended, and they entered into a custody battle that is still ongoing.

After his relationship with Dennis, Ravenel went on a date with Landon Clements during Season 4. While they seemed interested in one another, Clements later denied that they were ever romantically involved, describing Ravenel as more of a family friend.

Ravenel’s next relationship on the show was with Ashley Jacobs during Season 5. Their time together was marked by heated arguments, including Jacobs calling Dennis an “egg donor.” The couple ultimately broke up in 2018 after accusations of infidelity.

In 2020, Ravenel welcomed a son named Jonathon with his ex-girlfriend Heather Mascoe. Although they claimed to be just friends at the time of their son’s birth, they later announced their engagement. However, the engagement was short-lived, and the couple subsequently broke up.

Most recently, during the Season 9 reunion, it was revealed that Ravenel had a hookup with Olivia Flowers, a friend of Kathryn Dennis. Flowers admitted to the hookup, stating that it happened when she was 20 years old and fresh out of college. She initially wanted to keep it a secret but eventually came clean.

Thomas Ravenel’s dating history on “Southern Charm” has been filled with ups and downs, and his relationships have often played out in front of the cameras. From his early dates with Danni Baird and Kathryn Dennis to his brief romance with Landon Clements and tumultuous relationship with Ashley Jacobs, Ravenel’s love life has been anything but simple.