Tina Fey Could Easily Succeed Lorne Michaels as ‘Saturday Night Live’ Producer, Says Entertainment Industry Veteran

New York, NY – Lorne Michaels, the longtime producer of “Saturday Night Live,” hinted at who he believes could be his potential successor after nearly 50 years of running the show. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly at the Emmy Awards, Michaels suggested that Tina Fey, former cast member and creator of “30 Rock,” could easily take over the reins of SNL.

When asked about his thoughts on a potential successor for the iconic comedy show, Michaels responded, “It could easily be Tina Fey.” While acknowledging the current talent at SNL, Michaels emphasized Fey’s brilliance and her importance in his life. However, he did not confirm if Fey was being considered for the role.

Michaels also revealed that he will still be a part of SNL’s upcoming 50th anniversary celebration in February 2025. He expressed his commitment to the show until then and mentioned that plans for the future will be determined before the milestone event.

Fey, who left SNL in 2006, has since established herself as a powerhouse in the film industry. She collaborated with Michaels on various projects, including the sitcom “30 Rock,” which was based on her experiences as a writer at SNL. Additionally, Michaels served as a producer for Fey’s successful movie “Mean Girls” and its subsequent Broadway musical adaptation.

During this year’s Emmy Awards, Fey and fellow SNL alum Amy Poehler made a memorable return to the Weekend Update desk as presenters. Fey humorously remarked, “We’ve reached the stage in life where we’ll only present awards sitting down.”

While Michaels’ endorsement of Fey as a potential successor offers insight into the future of SNL, it remains to be seen if she will indeed take over the show. As fans eagerly await further developments, Michaels’ long-standing legacy with SNL and his role in shaping the careers of comedy greats continues to be celebrated.