Tragedy Strikes as Ukrainian Shelling Claims 25 Lives in Russian-Controlled Donetsk

The city of Donetsk, located in eastern Ukraine, was struck by a Ukrainian shelling near a market, resulting in the death of at least 25 people and injuring 20 others, including two children, officials reported. The Russian-controlled city was targeted by multiple launch rocket systems, with the shelling allegedly originating from the direction of Avdiivka, according to a statement from Russia’s Foreign Ministry. However, CNN is unable to independently verify these claims. The ministry accused Kyiv of committing a “barbaric terrorist act” against the civilian population of Russia, asserting that there were numerous casualties.

Donetsk, which is partially controlled by Russian forces, is one of the Ukrainian regions that Russia declared it would recognize as Russian territory, a move deemed illegal under international law. The attack on Donetsk occurred amidst largely static frontlines in the ongoing conflict. Ukraine’s counteroffensive has not yielded significant gains, and its troops are now facing pressure from Russia along the 1,000 kilometer-long frontline. In a separate incident, Ukraine reportedly carried out a drone attack on a Russian oil terminal approximately 100 kilometers west of Saint Petersburg. The attack targeted the Novatek facility in Ust-Luga, resulting in a significant fire, according to videos posted by Leningrad regional boss Alexander Drozdenko.

The Ust-Luga complex is responsible for processing liquefied natural gas products into various types of fuel, including jet fuel, fuel oil, and gasoil. The attack on this facility is expected to disrupt the enemy’s logistics, particularly as the products are used to supply the Russian military, according to a Ukrainian defense source. The drone strike on the oil terminal follows a similar operation targeting the St. Petersburg region, marking a new stage in Ukraine’s offensive efforts. Drone strikes were also carried out in the Tula, Smolensk, and Belgorod regions. The situation in Donetsk and the attack on the Russian oil terminal will be among the topics discussed at a UN Security Council meeting on Monday. President Zelensky had previously warned that Russia would face consequences for its actions.