Tragic News: Melania Trump’s Mother Passes Away, Leaving a Legacy of Grace and Devotion

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amalija Knavs, the mother of former first lady Melania Trump, has passed away, according to a statement posted on Trump’s social media accounts. Trump described Knavs as a strong woman who carried herself with grace, warmth, and dignity. She expressed her family’s deep love for Knavs and their commitment to honoring her legacy.

A campaign adviser for former President Donald Trump confirmed Knavs’ death. She and her husband, Viktor, resided in the United States and were frequently seen in Washington during their son-in-law’s presidency. The retired couple maintained a close relationship with the Trump family, often accompanying them on trips to Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster, New Jersey.

Amalija Knavs was originally from Slovenia, a country that was previously part of communist Yugoslavia. She worked as a textile worker before immigrating to the United States. In 2018, she and her husband became U.S. citizens through the sponsorship of their adult daughter, a visa category that the Trump administration had sought to end. This move sparked controversy as Donald Trump had previously criticized family-based migration.

Melania Trump, herself a U.S. citizen since 2006, is only the second foreign-born first lady in U.S. history. Since leaving Washington in January 2021, she has kept a low profile as her husband contemplates another White House bid.

Amalija Knavs’ passing marks the loss of a beloved family member and a significant figure in the Trump family’s life. The Knavses’ close relationship with their daughter, son-in-law, and grandson was evident throughout the Trump administration. They will be remembered for their unwavering support and dedication to their family.

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