Transformational Journey: Will Ferrell Stars in Heartwarming Documentary ‘Will & Harper’ about Friendship and Self-Discovery

Los Angeles, California – Will Ferrell takes the lead in a heartwarming documentary that follows the reconnection of two friends after one comes out as transgender. The film, titled “Will & Harper,” explores their journey as they embark on a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, rediscovering their friendship along the way.

The documentary, which premiered at Sundance, offers more than just the star power of Ferrell. It provides a nuanced portrayal of life during a transition, delving into how Harper, the trans friend, perceives herself and how the world views her. Harper, who made the decision to transition later in life at the age of sixty-one, is a fascinating character. She has been the writer behind many of Ferrell’s beloved comedies and skits, as well as having a twenty-year tenure at “Saturday Night Live.” Their shared comedic talent adds an uplifting and lighthearted touch to the documentary, making it relatable and empathetic to all viewers.

One particularly impactful scene in the film takes place in an Oklahoma dive bar. Harper, uncertain about how accepting the patrons will be, walks in to find Confederate flags and political posters. Surprisingly, she is met with kindness and acceptance, showcasing the capacity for understanding and tolerance in unexpected places. However, not all encounters are as positive. At a steakhouse in Texas, the duo faces an awkward reception, with Ferrell’s ill-advised attempt to draw attention to their presence. The varying reactions they encounter highlight the broader spectrum of attitudes towards the transgender community.

Despite instances of misgendering, Harper and Ferrell approach people with curiosity and a genuine desire to understand their perspectives. Instead of lecturing or judging, they seek honest and open conversations. In most cases, those they encounter display tolerance and good intentions. The presence of Will Ferrell throughout the documentary undoubtedly influences the interactions, as people may hesitate to disrespect the beloved comedian. Nevertheless, as the Oklahoma dive bar experience demonstrates, preconceived notions about intolerance can be shattered.

Director Josh Greenbaum skillfully weaves Ferrell’s comedic moments and star-studded cameos from friends like Kristen Wiig and Tim Meadows into the documentary. However, he avoids overwhelming the film with comedy, allowing it to shine as a slice of life that resonates with audiences. “Will & Harper” serves as a hopeful and uplifting story for our time, reminding us of the shared humanity that connects us all.

With its compelling narrative and heartfelt exploration of friendship and identity, “Will & Harper” stands out as a documentary that goes beyond the surface, immersing viewers in a transformative journey that encourages empathy and understanding.