Transformers News: Previously Leaked Hound Featured in Exciting Gen Selects Multipack for 40th Anniversary Celebration

Houston, Texas – Hasbro, the renowned toy company, has unveiled a new listing that hints at the release of an Autobot Multipack featuring the beloved character Hound. Although there has been no official announcement from Hasbro, the listing on the website provided a glimpse into what fans can expect in this potential release.

The Autobot Multipack is said to be part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Generation 1 (G1) series. Alongside Hound, other iconic Autobots like Jazz, Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, and Trailbreaker are expected to be included in the collection.

Speculation arose when the product code “G0206” was associated with the Autobot Multipack, as it matched with a listing from back in August. This suggests that the set being referred to now is likely the same one, although there remains a mystery surrounding a three-pack that hasn’t been unveiled.

It is worth noting that the leaked render for Hound, which surfaced earlier, hinted at an Earth mode figure. While fans eagerly await confirmation from Hasbro, the render provided a glimpse of what could potentially be a highly anticipated addition to the Gen Selects Multipack.

Fans have taken to online forums to express their thoughts and opinions on the potential release. One user mentioned their disappointment, stating that they already own all the other figures in the set and prefer the Siege mold over the multipack. Conversely, others expressed excitement at the opportunity to complete their collections or acquire figures they had previously missed out on.

Despite the excitement surrounding the potential release, some fans expressed concerns that Hound may not be a completely new mold, but rather a retooling of the Siege figure. However, the prospect of minor variations such as opaque windows or toy decals sparked curiosity and anticipation among collectors.

Ultimately, while Hasbro has yet to make an official announcement, the leaked render and the associated listing have heightened anticipation among Transformers enthusiasts. Fans eagerly await further details on the Autobot Multipack and the possibility of acquiring a new version of the beloved Hound character.

In summary, Hasbro’s potential release of an Autobot Multipack featuring Hound has generated excitement within the Transformers community. Although no official announcement has been made, a leaked render and a matching product code have fueled speculation. Fans are eager to see if this release will introduce a new mold or offer unique variations to enhance their collections.