Trump Roasts Opponents and Skewers Lawyer in Hilarious SNL Return

NEW YORK (AP) — In the highly anticipated return of “Saturday Night Live,” the show wasted no time jumping back into the political arena. The cold open featured James Austin Johnson reprising his role as Donald Trump, poking fun at the former president’s recent struggles.

The skit opened with a press conference outside the U.S. District Court in Lower Manhattan, where Alina Habba, played by Chloe Fineman, attempted to assert herself as a lawyer. Trump, not missing a beat, mocked her as “maybe the worst lawyer I’ve ever had” and criticized his own legal team for being the “bottom of the barrel.”

Habba, acknowledging a gag order regarding Trump’s ongoing legal battles, stated that they couldn’t discuss certain matters. Trump, ever the provocateur, couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the judge and even made a comment about the type of car he drives.

Amidst talk of his recent victory in Iowa, where he secured over half of the votes, Trump turned his attention to his political rivals. He didn’t hold back in mocking Ron DeSantis, questioning his intelligence and coining the nickname “Ron DeStupid.” He also briefly mentioned Nikki Haley, suggesting that she had prematurely counted him out.

While Trump confirmed he wouldn’t participate in debates or overly engage in the election, he urged his supporters to stay alive until November and emphasized that he was on a divine mission orchestrated by God.

The return of “Saturday Night Live” not only showcased James Austin Johnson’s comedic talent in impersonating Trump but also highlighted the ongoing political landscape as the 2024 presidential race heats up. It remains to be seen what impact SNL’s portrayal of political figures will have on public opinion and the upcoming election.