Uncomfortable: 15 Actors Share Their Experiences with Sex Scenes in Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA – Sex scenes in movies can be uncomfortable for actors, often leaving them feeling vulnerable and exposed. Kirsten Dunst, who starred in the film “Interview with the Vampire” at just 11 years old, expressed her discomfort when she had to kiss 31-year-old Brad Pitt. Dunst explained that the experience felt weird to her because she saw Pitt as a brother figure rather than a romantic interest.

Hilarie Burton, known for her role in “One Tree Hill,” revealed that she felt pressured during her first intimate scene on the show. She described the experience as inappropriate and felt like a prostitute. April Pearson and Laya Lewis, who starred in the British teen drama “Skins,” also felt unprotected on set during their sex scenes and wished for more support.

Reese Witherspoon, who starred in the film “Fear,” was surprised when a sex scene was added to the script without her knowledge. She requested a body double for the scene, but her request was denied. Witherspoon described the experience as not great and lacking control.

Salma Hayek faced uncomfortable demands from Harvey Weinstein while filming “Frida.” She alleged that Weinstein threatened to shut down production if she did not agree to do a sex scene with another woman. Hayek reluctantly agreed and had a nervous breakdown on set, feeling violated by the situation.

Jennifer Lawrence had a difficult time filming a sex scene with Chris Pratt in the movie “Passengers,” as he was married at the time. Lawrence felt guilty and uncomfortable, needing reassurance from her mother and resorting to getting drunk before shooting the scene. She described it as a bizarre and weird experience.

These are just a few examples of actors who have felt uncomfortable while filming sex scenes. It highlights the challenges actors face when portraying intimate moments on screen.