Undercover Danger and Personal Ties Unveiled in Epic Blue Bloods Season Opener

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Fans of the hit television series “Blue Bloods” can look forward to an electrifying final season, set to premiere on February 16th. The show, which has garnered a strong following in Long Island, New York, will kick off its fourteenth and last season with a thrilling two-part episode. The first episode finds NYPD Sgt. Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes, deep undercover in a dangerous operation. Meanwhile, Det. Danny Reagan, portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg, and his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), find themselves investigating a homicide with personal connections.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers can expect the return of familiar faces. Dylan Walsh will reprise his role as New York City Mayor Peter Chase, appearing for the thirteenth time in the series. Additionally, guest star Malik Yoba will make a comeback as Darryl Reid, Danny’s former partner who was exposed for planting evidence to secure a murder conviction in a 2015 episode.

The premiere episode, titled “Loyalty,” sets the stage for the Reagan family’s new challenges. Jamie, the youngest child of second-generation NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), remains undercover with the Field Intelligence Unit, infiltrating a human trafficking ring. Meanwhile, Danny, the eldest sibling, and Baez delve into a murder case that somehow involves Danny’s ex-detective partner.

In the backdrop, Commissioner Reagan grapples with a critical decision – whether or not to publicly support Mayor Chase’s policy. Officer “Eddie” Marie Janko-Reagan, Jamie’s wife, takes it upon herself to teach a young shoplifter a lesson, determined to make a difference in the community.

“Blue Bloods” has not only captured the hearts of its viewers but has also played a significant role in the local economy. Despite facing salary cuts of up to 25%, the cast and producers decided to renew the show for a final season, ensuring the employment of hundreds of crew members. The production has maintained a strong connection with the Long Island community, shooting on location in various municipalities and at well-known sites like Youngs Farm in Old Brookville and Republic Airport in East Farmingdale.

With its highly anticipated final season, “Blue Bloods” promises to deliver a captivating conclusion to its loyal fan base. The delayed start, resulting from the actors and writers’ strikes, led to the decision to air the season in two parts, with the second half premiering in the fall.

Don’t miss out on the gripping finale of “Blue Bloods” as the Reagan family faces their toughest challenges yet, both professionally and personally.