Unearthed: Original ‘Friends’ Scripts from London Filming Found in Trash Can, Headed to Auction

London, UK – Original scripts from the beloved sitcom “Friends” have resurfaced 25 years after being discarded in a trash can. The scripts, which focused on Ross’ wedding and were filmed in London, are now up for auction.

These valuable documents, featuring the episodes “The One With Ross’s Wedding Part I and Part II,” were supposed to be destroyed to prevent any spoilers. However, an employee at Fountain Studios in Wembley found them and kept them hidden.

Dating back to 1998, these scripts portray the show’s main characters traveling to England to witness Ross, played by David Schwimmer, tying the knot with his fiancée Emily, portrayed by Helen Baxendale.

The auction house, Hansons, has set the guide price for the two scripts at £600 to £800. Amanda Butler, head of operations at Hansons, expressed excitement about the global appeal of “Friends” and speculated about the unpredictable auction outcome.

The former studio employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, reminisced about the bustling environment during the episode’s filming. They stumbled upon the discarded scripts in a trash bin a couple of weeks after production wrapped up. Uncertain of what to do, they stored the scripts in their office drawer, which eventually made its way into a cardboard box during their departure from Fountain Studios in 1999.

Later, while going through the box, the former employee discovered the scripts once again. For over two decades, the scripts have remained in a bedside drawer. Despite not being a fan of the show, the employee believes that these scripts should be cherished by a dedicated “Friends” enthusiast.

In a separate event, the autopsy of Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in the series, revealed that his sudden death last year was attributed to the acute effects of ketamine.

The reappearance of these long-lost “Friends” scripts offers a unique opportunity for dedicated fans to own a piece of television history. As the auction approaches, the world waits in anticipation to see how high the bidding will go for these iconic artifacts.