Unprecedented Footfall and Fervor: Telugu Audiences Embrace Sankranthi Films with Enthusiasm

Hyderabad, Telangana – Sankranthi, a significant festival for the Telugu community, is currently in full swing. The excitement surrounding this celebration is further enhanced by the release of new films in local cinemas, which are drawing in large crowds. Attendees’ enthusiasm for movies highlights their deep affection for cinema.

One movie that has garnered a positive response from paid premieres is Teja Sajja’s “HanuMan.” Audiences are showing great interest in watching the film in theaters, with tickets selling at a rapid pace. Despite limited screen availability, “HanuMan” has already climbed the trending charts on BookMyShow, with over sixteen thousand tickets sold per hour.

Alongside “HanuMan,” another film generating significant excitement is “Guntur Kaaram.” The anticipation for this release has reached new heights, evident in the growing momentum surrounding the film. Midnight benefit shows and early morning screenings are expected to contribute to a strong box office opening.

With school and college holidays coinciding with Sankranthi, families are opting to spend their festive time watching movies in theaters. The release of “Saindhav” and “Naa Sami Ranga” will further elevate the atmosphere in cinemas over the next few days.

Box office collections are projected to reach unprecedented levels, particularly in the Godavari districts, as many Hyderabad residents travel to their hometowns during the holidays. Despite the presence of Bollywood release “Merry Christmas” and Tamil release “Ayalan – Captain Miller,” the fervor and audience numbers observed by the Telugu films remain unmatched, illustrating the immense love the Telugu audience holds for their homegrown cinema.

In conclusion, Sankranthi not only brings a festive atmosphere to the theaters but also showcases the unwavering passion of Telugu audiences for the movies.