Unprecedented Success: ‘12.12: The Day’ Surpasses 12.7 Million Viewers, Secures Top 9 Spot in Korean Movie Box Office

Seoul, South Korea – ‘12.12: The Day’, a gripping film depicting a nine-hour standoff against a military coup, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the Korean movie industry. With an impressive viewer count exceeding 12.7 million, it has soared to the top nine of all-time Korean movie box office records.

According to the Integrated Computer Network for Cinema Admission Tickets, ‘12.12: The Day’ surpassed the previous record held by ‘The Outlaws 2’ in the post-pandemic era, solidifying its position as the highest-grossing film during this challenging period. Notably, this non-franchise film is the only one to break the ten million viewer mark, further highlighting its exceptional success.

In addition to its box office triumph, ‘12.12: The Day’ has surpassed ‘Masquerade’ and ‘The Outlaws 2’ to secure its place in the elite top nine of all-time Korean movies. This remarkable achievement adds another layer of prestige to the film’s already captivating narrative.

As the film continues to attract attention in its eighth week since release, anticipation is building to see how far this wave of success will carry ‘12.12: The Day’. Its gripping portrayal of a historical event has captivated viewers, affirming its status as a must-watch cinematic masterpiece.

In conclusion, ‘12.12: The Day’ has etched its name into Korean movie history by captivating audiences and surpassing box office records. With its tense and compelling storyline, the film has solidified its place among the top nine highest-grossing Korean movies of all time. As its popularity continues to soar, the industry eagerly awaits the next milestone this exceptional film will achieve.